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General Conditions



-Payment: bank transfer in levs.  Bank fees are payable by the customer.

-Rates for periods of longer than 5 nights rates are subject to separate arrangements


Basic rules when renting the accommodation


-Smoking in the rooms is prohibited

-No secure parking

-The swimming pool is 1,6 m deep and there is no life guard

-Food is not allowed the rooms


Rights and obligations

General conditions:

Dear guests, please read carefully the general conditions for renting accommodation rented throughRozhen Rest Company. When you book accommodation, you automatically sign a rental agreement  between the Company and the representative who has done the booking.  When booking a guest house the guests accept the rules and conditions which they should have carefully read and be aware of. The rental agreement comes into force when the owner or a representative of the guest house confirms the booking with a  telephone call or an e-mail message to the number or address provides in the on-line booking form.




To confirm your booking you must pay a deposit, to be 50% of the whole amount due for the requested number of nights, which must be paid within 3 days of receipt of our confirmation e-mail.


Your booking is fully secure only after the advance payment has been made.


When the booking has been made and confirmed a refundable deposit of ( relevant to the rented accommodation) is requested.


The refundable deposit shall be reimbursed to the customer after the period of occupancy. In case of damages incurred during the period of occupancy the deposit shall not be refunded. Retaining the deposit does not preclude the right of the owner to seek compensation covering the full cost of any damages incurred.


The refundable deposit must be paid before arrival in a way chosen by the customer.


All payments must be made in the currency specified on the web site unless there is a different agreement. If payment has not taken place the booking and the rental agreement can be cancelled without advance notice.


Cancellation policy:


Cancellation of bookingd can be made up to 7 days prior to the first night, at which point the advance payment will be refunded in full.


When a booking cancellation is made 3 days prior to the first night, 30% of the advance payment shall be refunded.


When booking cancellation is made less than 3 days prior to the first night any advanced payment will not be refunded.


Additional expenses:


Utilities such as electricity, water, cleaning and consumables, local taxes and vacation taxes are included in the rental price.




Meals are not included in the rental price.


All additional expenses such as hiring additional personnel, catering, additional fees for goods and services are to be covered by the guests who have requested them.


Any expenses for replacement or repair of property as a result of damage to furniture, as well as the outside areas are to be covered by the guests. The costs will depend on the extent of any damage and will be payable in cash immediately to the owner or their representative.


Booking, checking in and checking out:


Information about booking, the address of the guest house, owner or owner representative contacts, check-in and check-out is available on the web site. When payment is received, a receipt will be issued. This receipt must be presented upon arrival in addition to an ID document of the guest  who has made the booking.


Check-in and checkout times for all accommodation:

  • Check-in after 14:00
  • Check-out before 12:00


Please advise the owner or his representative in advance in you require early check-in or delayed check-out.


The price confirmed at booking is guaranteed even if the guest house owner changes the tariff after the date you have made your booking.


Damages and losses:


Guests should take good care of rooms and their contents during their stay at guest houses.


The owner or their representative can ask you to leave the guest house immediately in case of excessive or unacceptable losses or damages at any time during the rental period, without any compensation or refunding of payment already made. Damages and losses, incurred during the rental period must be restituted by the guests, at three times the market value without any complaint.

During the rental period the guest who made the booking for the accommodation is fully responsible for the behaviour of the persons accompanying them  bothinside and in the area around the property.  If aguest(s) or visitor(s) misbehaves, the owner or their representative has the right to ask them to leave the premises and/or free the property immediately without the right to compensation or refund of monies already paid.




When renting Rozhen Rest Company accommodation the building and facilities are at your disposal, but the owner or their representative has the right of access during your stay for maintenance of the building, garden, heating and other utilities.


Number of guests:


During the rental period the number of guests (adults and children) should not exceed  the number of the beds in the booking form unless arranged otherwise in writing.


Pets are not allowed without prior written consent by the owner or their representative.


Property use, care and code of conduct:


When the property is to be used for a wedding party or any other party which involves a larger number of people or any purpose other than rest, guests must duly inform the representatives of the Rozhen Rest Company at the moment of booking. Additional fees and/or security deposit may be requested. This shall be arranged separately in writing.


Guests are entirely responsible for any breeches of  the social conduct code and signals to the police. Any sanctions, fines, or other police orders according to the Bulgarian Law must be obeyed by guests without complaint.


The owner or their representative is NOT responsible for:

  • Any physical injury, illness, death, loss, damage, inconvenience or additional cost incurred by guests and their friends, regardless of the cause;
  • Guests being unable to stay at the guest house because for personal reasons (change of holiday dates, loss of documents, etc.);
  • Force majeur circumstances – natural disasters (storms, heavy rain, flood, snow storm, hail, earthquake, landslide, extremely high or low temperature, drought, etc.); blockades (on the road, at the border, etc.), fire, industrial disaster, war, government ban, embargo, strike, etc.) as well as other events outwith control of the owner (technical, construction, electrical, water piping or other obstacles which makes the accommodation dangerous or impossible to use.

All guests and visitors of to rental properties secured by Rozhen Rest Company are                expected to observe the normal code of conduct. Illegal or immoral activities such as gambling, prostitution, drugs, possession or use of pyrotechnical devices and dangerous containers, as well as possession or use of firing weapons and other weapons are strictly forbidden.


Smoking in the guest house is forbidden except in places designated for the purpose.



Guests must be exceptionally careful and watchful during the whole rental period, especially those with small children. For safety reasons they must be particularly careful when using paths, staircases and all the facilities inside or outside the rented accommodation.


Rozhen Rest Company offers guests information, evaluation and proposals about the surroundings and local attractions, which are considered true at that moment but is not responsible for changes and inaccuracy.


Valuables and security:


Guests are responsible for all valuables and possessions which have been brought and used by them in the area of the accommodation.


The owner or their representative is not responsible for any loss or damage to possessions brought by the guests.


Guests are responsible for the accommodation during the rental period and guarantee that all windows and doors shall be locked when they are away from the building. Any loss or damage of valuables and possessions caused by activity or lack of activity of the guest(s) and persons accompanying the accommodation and/or visitors is entirely the responsibility of the guests.



Dear guests, we want to ensure your pleasant stay!


If any problems arise during the rental period, you must inform the owner or their representative immediately. If the owner’s representative does not undertake necessary actions to resolve the problem, please, get in touch with the owner as soon as possible. It is important that guest should supply information about a problem while they are still in the accommodation so that their complaint is taken care of.

If there are no complaints during the rental period we will assume that guests have been satisfied with their stay.

Legal disclaimer:

When filling in the booking form guests agree that they have read these conditions, understood them and accept them without exceptions and complaints. These conditions cannot be negotiated.


Thank you for your time!