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Staro Selo Mahala, Laki Area

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Старо село

Staro Selo Mahala, Laki Area

Bedroom and sofa
Mountain views



If you want to be in a real natural environment, Novo Selo is for you. You need a real off road vehicle or a donkey to take you up there to the stars.


The Syulevski guest house is up at the top of the hill under an old walnut tree. It will surprise you with its mod cons amidst the wilderness. If you seek seclusion, this is the house for you.


The Laki area harbours the famous Krastova Gora Trinity Monastery and the Hunting Reserve Kormisosh, which is excellent for hunting. Those who love wild nature will appreciate the picturesque views over the Manastirska River, the Dryanovska River, the Yugovska River and the Belishka River.


Place you can visit either by driving or walking:

  • The village of Dryanovo – the remains of an ancient Thracian sanctuary have been discovered, although it has not been excavated, as well as several caves
  • Mogila Peak – a breathtaking view from the top to be remembered forever.
  • The village of Borovo – 6 km from the town of Laki. Borovo was mentioned for the first time in written records in the 11th (1083), later in 1576 it was mentioned in the Ottoman registers of the dzhelepkeshan (sheep traders) while archaeological artifacts show that it was settled as early as the 5th – 4th c. BC
  • Krastov Peak (the Peak of the Cross) – it is the highest peak (1428 m) in this part of the Rhodopes. The folds of the mountains here look like sea waves. Krastova Gora (Trinity) Monastery is located here, too. Legends say that a small piece of the cross on which Jesus had been crucified was buried here. You must visit the numerous chapels around Borovo built by Orthodox Christians on top of old Thracian sanctuaries. These are places where you can relax, focus on the spiritual and absorb the energy coming from Nature.
  • Belintash – another Thracian sanctuary. An elongated rocky plateau on which there are traces of human activities which still remain unidentified. The rocks were created by the eruption of a volcano; its crater was the nearby peak, Karadzhov Kamak. The name Belintash may be an ancient Turkic word meaning “the stone of knowledge”. The place is surrounded by a strong magnetic field.

The functions of this place as a sanctuary and a centre of a cult were discovered by accident in the 70s of the 20th c. A local shepherd found a ancient silver plate with an image of a man sitting on a throne and snakes creeping up behind him. The snakes are symbols of human progress and the eternal life cycle. Researchers believe that this was a ritual plate with the image of Sabazius, a Thracian god  who symbolizes decay and revival, and connect the megalithic monument to the cult of Sabazius.

Earlier it was believed that Belintash was part of Thracian defense system as there was the border between the land of the Odrysea Thracians and the Bessi Thracians.


Its location has turned this place into a natural observatory – at the solstice the Sun rises exactly above Sini Vrah (Blue peak) and sets above Karadzhov Kamak.


The rocky range is almost 850 m long and 40 m wide at some places. It is accessible at any time in the year. Snow does not sit for long there but the wind may be a challenge.

  • Nature spots like Haydushki Polyani and the Long Swamps; The Holy Spirit Waterfall, Pamporovo Resort
  • The village of Manastir –a picturesque trail will take you to Preps Peak and Freedom Peak,.
  • The village of Yugovo – you must visit Trinity Church built in 1842 with its onion dome, exquisite bell-tower , three partite nave and precious frescoes.
  • Krastova Gora (1, 545 m above sea level) – one of the most famous places in the area of Laki is Trinity (Krastova Gora) Monastery. Thousands of people each year visit this holy place in the hope to get healthy, strong and successful. Legends say that there is a piece of the Holy Cross buried there. On May 1st 1939 a metal cross weighing 66 kg was brought to Krastov Peak. It had been commissioned and paid for by King Boris III and lieutenant-colonel When the cross was being raised and blessed in the presence of the Borovo villagers, a white dove landed on the pot with holy water and then flew away. The villagers followed the bird. It landed on a rock. At the foot of the rock there was a spring – this was the old holy spring.


In 1956 the elders of The Nativity of Mary Church in Borino        commissioned some builders to construct the Trinity Chapel on top of the    old monastic church on the western slope of Krastov Peak. Many believers            helped as volunteers. The stones of the old church, which had been   demolished, were used as well as material from the monastic walls.


In 1995 a new church was built and blessed by the Bishop of Plovdiv and            the Patriarch.

  • Kormisosh hunting grounds – superb area for hunting
  • Scout Land Treks

Trek 1: From Borovo to Skalen Most (Rock Bridge)

Trek 2: From the village of Dzhurkovo to Sveti Iliya Chapel

  • The Road of the Heart Adventure Treks

Trek 1: The Smile Trek

Trek 2: The Faith Trek

Trek 3: The Light Trek


Accommodation – 1 bedroom, 1 sofa bed, bathroom and toilet, small kitchen



  • 2 to 5 nights – 10% discount
  • more than 5 nights – 20% discount
  • Longer periods – by agreement
  • New Year’s celebration and other holidays – by agreement

Minimum 2 nights


Sleeps: 4
Bathrooms : 1
Bedrooms : 1
Beds: 1+1

Check in time : 14:00
Check out time : 12:00 
Accommodation Type : Guest hous


Wifi : No
Gallery: Yes
Barbeque: Yes
AC: No

Parking: Yes
Fireplace: Yes
TV: Yes


Per night: 100 BGN / 50 EUR
All prices are in BGN lev
Only with a reservation

Deposit : 50 BGN / 25 EUR
*Christmas and New Year – rates by separate arrangement


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Address : Staro Selo
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